From the New York Daily News, Jan. 4:

Delaware woman in wheelchair is hit by three cars and left to die
A Delaware woman trying to cross a roadway in her wheelchair was killed Tuesday night after three cars struck her—and not a single one stopped to help, police say.

Edith McFarland, 58, was attempting to cross Wilmington’s South Market Street when she was struck by a gold truck, cops told WPVI-TV.

She shot out of her wheelchair and then was hit by two more vehicles, police believe.

All three cars sped from the scene, the TV station reported.

McFarland was pronounced dead at the scene, making her the state’s first fatal accident of the year, police told Reuters.

It reportedly was the second time McFarland was involved in a hit-and-run. More than 20 years ago she lost her leg in another hit-and-run, WPVI reported.

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