From NJ.com, Oct. 12:

Officials investigate crude oil spill
PAULSBORO — Coast Guard and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection officials are investigating the spill of at least 2,300 gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River from a ship docked at the Gloucester County Citgo Asphalt Refinery Wednesday morning.

“The fuel oil leaked form the vessel and sprayed beyond a containment boom that is routinely placed around vessels during the offloading procedure,” Citgo spokesman Fernando Garay said in a statement.

Despite the safeguards to contain spills, crude from the Tigani, a Malta-flagged tanker operated by Greek shipping company Cardiff Marine, Inc., made it past the port’s property around 11 a.m.

Spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Darlene Yuhas said the DEP has been on site coordinating clean-up efforts with the Coast Guard and private contractors. They have been deploying protective booms in areas where creeks meet the river so oil doesn’t seep into any tributaries.

“We do know based on a survey of the situation that a half mile north to a quarter mile south on the Jersey side has been lightly impacted by the oil,” Yuhas said.

Reports of oil covered birds have been made, but could not be confirmed.

Representatives from the Coast Guard could not tack down a solid number on how much oil was released into the river and the investigation into the matter isn’t expected for several days.

“We’re still doing our assessments,” Lt. Junior Grade Tamisha Williams said. “We do know 2,300 gallons have been recovered. Coast Guard members as well as other agencies are working toward a precise number.”

Wednesday’s spill was the second incident at the refinery since 2000.

In November 2004, the Athos I, a 750-foot tanker, released 264,335 gallons of oil after striking a submerged anchor near the Tigani spill and thick crude oil gushed out of the single-hulled ship.

Cleanup lasted almost a year, costing more than $167 million.

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