Uranium wars in Chad?

Chad’s Alliance for National Resistance (ANR) said Jan. 19 they had shot down an army MI-24 helicopter gunship which attacked their positions at Beda near the Sudanese border. The rebels used a SAM-7 ground-to-air missile. (AFP, Jan. 19) Sudan accused Chadian aircraft of bombing western Darfur in “repeated aggressions” last month. Read a Foreign Ministry statement: “In an unprecedented escalation, Chadian forces have violated the joint border as three Chadian war planes bombed two areas…in West Darfur…on December 28.” (Reuters, Dec. 30) Gibraltar-based Signet Mining, with operations in Chad, Niger and South Africa, plans to build a uranium processing plant at its Madagzang prospect in Chad “sometime next year,” said CEO Calvyn Gardner. (Mining Weekly Online, Jan. 22)

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