Red scare follows Los Angeles intifada

Here we go again. From the Los Angeles Times, Sept. 8:

Self-styled communists helped fuel Westlake clash with police
When the Los Angeles Police Department faced hundreds of protesters on the streets of the Westlake District, some were people drawn to the event from other parts of the city for political reasons.

Twenty-two people were arrested Tuesday night after protesters clashed with police near a vigil for Manuel Jamines, a Guatamalan-born day laborer fatally shot Sunday by an officer who said Jamines refused to drop a knife.

Among those arrested was Jubilee Shine, 40, a South Los Angeles activist who heads the Coalition for Community Control Over the Police. Shine said he was arrested on 6th Street near Bonnie Brae Street just before 10 p.m…

“From what I could tell, everyone there was local from that neighborhood,” he said.

Some of the earlier unrest appeared to have been fueled by political activists from other parts of the city. About a dozen people who appeared to be affiliated with the Revolutionary Communist Party handed out literature about its beliefs and other cases of officer-involved shootings, and chanted messages over bullhorns about a communist revolution.

Meanwhile, demonstrators from the neighborhood chanted, “Police are racists and killers!”
As the night wore on, protesters clashed with police. Some, including a boy who appeared no older than 13, hurled rocks, bottles and eggs at officers and at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart station building.

We know the relentlessly annoying Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) all too well, and they aren’t “fueling” anything, except in their own vanguardist fantasies, apparently shared by LA Times editors. The more correct headline would read, “Self-styled communists attempt to piggy-back on Westlake clash with police.” Note that police and media also played the “outside agitator” card following this summer’s riots in Oakland.

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