Philippine anti-war coalition: US out of Mindanao

From the Stop the War Coalition-Philippines, via Focus on the Global South:

Stop the War in Mindanao
As hostilities between the Philippine military and the Moro National Liberation front escalate in Mindanao, we from the Stop the War Coalition—Philippines, a broad coalition of social movements, NGOs, and other organizations, join the call for an immediate ceasefire, a return to the negotiating table, and full, substantive, and meaningful self-determination for the Moros, indigenous, and other oppressed peoples in Mindanao.

We demand convincing and unequivocal proof behind the government’s reason for its military offensive—i.e. that the Moro National Liberation Front is coddling ‘terrorists.’ We reject the manipulative use of the threat of ‘terrorism’ against the Moro people and we reject military solutions to address the said threat.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the US troops who have been permanently stationed in Mindanao since 2002 and we demand that they play absolutely no role whatsoever—whether in providing intelligence or assisting in operations—in the ongoing conflict.

We call for justice for all those who have been killed, tortured, or detained and we demand accountability and punishment for all perpetrators.

We demand relief and rehabilitation for all those who have been displaced by the war, protection for all civilians, and compensation for all those who have been affected.

We call on the media to report on the war fairly and accurately. We demand that journalists refrain from being the mouthpiece of the military and we demand that they should have the courage to challenge and verify the military’s claims.

We call for the full implementation of the peace agreements and we call for the expulsion of hawks in the military and in the government who have been working to undermine it. We demand the immediate release of Nur Misuari who has been illegally detained for five years without any trial.

We stand in solidarity with all those who stand for lasting peace and genuine self-determination.

Stop the War Coalition—Philippines

17 April 2007

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