Oaxaca: APPO pledges renewed resistance

Classes resumed at Oaxaca’s state university Nov. 13, even as 1,700 delegates of the leading coalition of protest groups emerged from a “constitutive congress” vowing to step up their actions. The Popular People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) announced that its activists will re-install the barricades in the state capital and elsewhere, many of which were dismantled when the federal police moved in two weeks ago. APPO’s Zenen Bravo Castellanos said the delegates also decided to retake over both state and municipal public buildings, and block highways. “The purpose is to demonstrate that there is no governability in this state,” Bravo said. (El Universal, Nov. 14)

Narco News reports that APPO resolved to officially organize a permanent structure of government. Putting the number delegates at 3,000, Narco News says the governing structure will be known as the State Council of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (CEAPPO). (Narco News, Nov. 14)

The state branch of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) announced that it will participate in the new actions, and vowed to blockade the state’s major highways. The announcement came after national PRD president Leonel Cota Montano met in Oaxaca City with APPO leader Flavio Sosa. The PRD also held a march in the coastal city of Juchitan. PRD national secretary general Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo said more PRD legislators would join the hunger strike in support of APPO’S demands in Mexico City. (MexicoXXI, Nov. 13)

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