Mexico: Tamaulipas beheading linked to case of slain US reporter?

The severed head of Rolando Flores, a Mexican investigator looking into the disappearance of Texas reporter David Hartley, was delivered to authorities in northern Mexico’s Tamaulipas state, according to Sheriff Sigifredo González of Zapata County, who is leading the investigation on the US side. Hartley was attacked by gunmen in speedboats while using Jet Skis on Sept. 30 with his wife on Falcon Lake, which stretches into Mexico. His body has still not been found. Flores, commander of state investigators in Ciudad Miguel Aleman, was part of a group assigned to the Hartley case. A spokesman for the Tamaulipas prosecutor’s office confirmed that Flores had been killed, but said the death was unrelated to the Hartley investigation. (AP, Oct. 14; MSNBC, Oct. 13)

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