Mexico City airport shoot-out leaves three dead

Three Federal Police officers were killed in a shoot-out at a food court in Terminal 2 of Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport on June 25, sending travelers scrambling for cover under tables and into bathrooms. Although initial accounts said police were met with gunfire when they tried to arrest suspected traffickers, the Public Security Secretary later admitted that both sides in the shoot-out were uniformed Federal Police. A team of agents was apparently trying to arrest two other uniformed agents, who responded with gunfire. No civilians were reported wounded. Prosecutor General Marisela Morales says she has ordered in investigation into cartel infiltration of police at the airport. Mexico City‘s own Federal District Prosecutor General of Justice (PGJDF), which oversees a “Secure Airport” program to coordinate police forces at Benito Juárez, said it had detected no signs of personnel at the facility being co-opted by traffickers. (Excelsior, Notimex, El Universal, June 26; LAT, June 25)

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