Israeli settlers bust into Hebron mosque and pray

From Palestine News Network (PNN), Sept. 10:

Israeli settlers break into mosque and perform religious ceremonies under guard of Israeli soldiers
By Sa’ed Al Shouhki (Hebron)

Israeli settlers stormed the southern West Bank’s Halhoul Village Mosque at dawn Sunday.

Under heavy guard by Israeli forces, 10 settlers broke into Nabi Younis Mosque in the center of the town and performed Jewish ceremonies for an hour this morning.

The Hebron District undergoes major difficulties at the hands of settlers and military forces on a daily basis.

Chief Palestinian Justice, Sheikh Taysir Tamimi called the incursion a desecration of the sanctity of the Mosque and a flagrant attack on the feelings of Muslims.

Speaking to PNN Sunday, Sheikh Tamimi referred to the frequent Israeli settler and soldier aggression against central Hebron City’s Ibrahimi Mosque and the Palestinians who worship there. “The consequences of such blatant disregard for sovereignty will add to the already tense situation in the Hebron District resulting from settler attacks on Al Haram Al Ibrahimi.”

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