Iraq PM claims US raid violated SOFA

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki denounced on April 26 a US military raid that morning as violating the bilateral Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). The agreement states that any military offensives by the US are to be performed in accordance with Iraqi laws and prior notice of any military operations is be given to the Joint Military Operations Coordination Committee (JMOCC). Al-Maliki asserted that the attack, which killed two people, was in violation of the SOFA and that he seeks to subject the responsible US forces to judicial proceedings. Under the SOFA, US military personnel may be subject to Iraqi jurisdiction for grave violations of the terms of the agreement. (Jurist, April 27)

Al-Maliki demanded US commanders turn over the soldiers responsible for the raid for possible trial. The raid, in the city of Kut, reportedly targeted an Iranian-backed cell believed to have been supplying arms to the JAM Special Groups and Promise Day Brigades, two Shi’ite militias, (UPI, April 27; Multi-National Force—Iraq press release, April 26)

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