Iraq Freedom Congress stands against “woman-killing gangs”

From the Iraq Freedom Congress, Dec. 12:

We Must Stand Together Against the Women-Killing Gangs
Unidentified gangs began to commit a series of organized crimes and killing many women in various cities in Iraq, particularly in Basra where more than 40 women are said to have been killed in the last 5 months. In addition to those crimes, these gangs threatened unveiled women to follow Islamic law and start wearing head scarf otherwise facing the severe consequences.

Although these atrocities spread panic among women and their families in Basra and all over Iraq; the government has never made any move to stop those perpetrators. These sorts of acts reveal that there are religious groups behind such crimes who desperately attempt to impose Islamic laws on the society. Such practices and atrocities are the backdrop of declining political and social power of these groups after four years of authority that was based on militias who are used for looting, theft, corruption and assassinations of their opponents.

These acts are another chapter of a series of crimes of these gangs to impose their laws, customs and traditions on the society through murder and terrorism. These groups are the product of the occupation that established a ground for such crimes and unleashed their viciousness. Therefore the occupation forces bear full responsibility for the practices of these gangs.

Iraq Freedom Congress vigorously condemn such vicious acts and calls on all its chapters across Iraq to form the safety force to protect women and stand against these criminals and drive them back to the caves where they came from

At the same time Iraqi Freedom Congress draw the attention of the libertarian forces in the world on these heinous crimes that are being committed against women in Iraq, and organize protests to pressure the government to enact laws that protect women in Iraq.

Iraq Freedom Congress

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