Iraq Freedom Congress on fourth anniversary of invasion

From the Iraq Freedom Congress, March 14:

On the 4th Anniversary of the US-led war on Iraq
Let’s Raise the Freedom Flag and Unify Our Ranks to Boot out the Occupation and Sectarian Gangs from Iraq

Iraqi people:

On this day we are commemorating the 4th year of the US-led war on Iraq. This war that brought us nothing but carnage, poverty, and more than two million displaced people. This is Bush’s promised democracy to Iraqis.

Today, after four years of destruction, the Bush administration has announced its new strategy in Iraq by sending more troops to cause more agony as if the current devastation is not enough.

The present situation such as a sectarian war that transformed the entire society into a military camp is the product of the discriminatory policy that was plotted by the evil minds of the White House and Pentagon to plant hatred and division among people. Therefore, the Zarqawi fatwa to kill the Shiites and Almahdi army retaliation to kill Sunnis have come as a fruit of this policy. This policy prolonged the occupation under the pretext of war on terror to keep dominating the world.

Iraqi people:

Despite the vicious policy by which a sectarian government was put in power causing massive number of crimes against humanity such as ID attacks, this government was unable to plant this conflict into the minds of ordinary people and make it part of their consciousness. In fact, ordinary people didn’t slide into a civil war. The occupation drove those sectarian fractions to lash out on people, killing innocents, bombing markets and targeting schools to drown the society into an endless war and achieve their agenda.

Iraqi people:

On this anniversary, IFC calls upon you to Raise the Freedom Flag and unify our ranks to boot out the occupation and sectarian gangs from Iraq.

On this day let’s raise IFC flags in our chapters in Iraq in Basra, Nasirya, Diwanya, Kerbala, Hilla, Mahmoudya, Alexandria, Samara, Tikrit, Beji, Mosul, and Kirkuk, and everywhere else in the world to bring our resentment against occupation to the street.

Let’s unify ourselves on a prospective that is different from the nationalists and sectarian ones. The enemy of the people is the occupation and the sectarian gangs. Let’s intensify our struggle till the end of occupation.

Samir Adil, President

Iraq Freedom Congress

March 14, 2007

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