Iraq Freedom Congress builds parallel power

From the Iraq Freedom Congress Weekly Update, Sept. 27:

Formation of IFC Doctors
Iraq Freedom Congress announces the formation of IFC Doctors, an organization of doctors and nurses who will provide free health services from the IFC headquarters in Baghdad. IFC Doctors is also forming traveling squads of health care teams to provide treatment off-site for people who cannot reach the office. Read more.

IFC Safety Force stops robbers after completing its first training session in Baghdad.
A newly trained safety force of about 29 people in Aaskari neighborhood was able to stand up to a group of gangs that attempted to break into houses in the neighborhood and turn them away. The neighbors participated in the first training session initiated by the IFC. Samir Adil, IFC President, gave a presentation on the IFC manifesto, resistance and its forms, and armed resistant groups. Read more

IFC statement on the fighting in Alfathel neighborhood in Baghdad
Sectarian fighting has raged for five days in central Baghdad’s Alfathel neighborhood on the eastern bank of the Tigris River. The fighting has increased drastically to the point that each group has begun abducting innocent civilians and using them as hostages in an unprecedented violation of human rights. Read more

Children First: Baghdad exhibition features paintings by Iraqi and Japanese children depicting their wish for peace and love
Despite the escalation of the security situation in Baghdad, fighting between sectarian groups in the Alfathel neighborhood, and roads blocked for the trial of Saddam, the Children Protection Centre held an exhibition of childrens’ artwork titled “Children First: Iraqi and Japanese childrens’ paintings for love and peace.” Read more

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