Greece: anarchists attack police, banks, officials

A Greek government official’s car was firebombed Dec. 26 while a petrol bomb was thrown at a bank and another group attacked a police car, authorities said. The car, used by a junior environment minister, Stavros Kaloyannis, was hit in front of his home in the northwestern city of Ioanina. The attack on a branch of the Greek Farm Bank in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens, caused minor damage. In the evening, youths attacked a police car passing in front of an Athens hospital. No injuries were reported.

The previous day, a commuter train was hit by bullets in the Athens suburb of Tavros. Police have opened an investigation into the attack, in which no one was hit. Earlier that day, seven cars were damaged in arson attacks on three dealerships in Athens while an agriculture ministry building and a bank were also targetted. The attacks come after three weeks of daily protests over the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos by a police officer on Dec. 6. (AFP, Dec. 26)

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