Gitmo detainee charges continued abuse in phone interview

Guantánamo Bay detainee Mohammad El Gharani has alleged that he has been recently abused by guards at the military prison, according to an April 14 report by AlJazeera. El Gharani, a Chadian national, reportedly made the allegations during a phone interview with the Middle Eastern news service, saying that guards regularly beat him, have used tear gas against him, and have broken his teeth. He said the abuse started before US President Barack Obama took office, but has still continued.

In response to the allegations, US Navy Lt. Commander Brook DeWalt said that there was no evidence to support El Gharani’s claims, and that the US does not permit news agencies to interview detainees because it is prohibited by the Third Geneva Convention. DeWalt said that El Gharabi apparently took part in the interview during a phone call he was permitted to make to his family, and that the US is investigating the phone call. (Jurist, April 15)

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