Ecuador: Kichwa announce march for water

The Kichwa Confederation of Ecuador (ECUARUNARI) announced a national mobilization that will converge on Quito from points around the country next month to oppose what leaders called President Rafael Correa’s policies in favor of the resource industries. The “Great Pluriethnic March for Water, Life and Dignity of the People of Ecuador” is set to depart March 8 from the southeastern town of Zamora, on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. (See map.) ECUARUNARI president Delfín Tenesaca said the organization “rejects the entrance into the territories of [indigenous] nationalities of mineral companies, without consulting anybody and disrespecting the constitution.” He called for participation from other provinces of the country affected by mineral and oil interests. The effort has the support of Salvador Quishpe, prefect of Zamora-Chinchipe province,* who stated, “We call upon all social organizations in the country to unite in this great march of reclamation… It cannot be that ‘Correismo’ tries to silence the Ecuadoran people.” (Servindi, Feb. 1)

*NOTE: The Wikipedia page for Zamora-Chinchipe Province states that it is “located at the southeastern end of the Amazon Basin.” Actually, it is located at the extreme western end of the Amazon Basin, but at the southeastern end of Ecuador.

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