Darfur: Janjaweed attack refugees —again

On March 7, some 250 Arab (Janjaweed) militiamen in West Darfur surrounded the Ardamata camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) after abducting two civilians from the camp, forcing the temporary suspension of humanitarian work there, the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) announced. The militiamen first swept through the IDP camp, capturing two civilians in connection with the killing of one of their relatives, said the UNMIS press release. Later, they handed the two suspects over to the official Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) camp in Ardamata. Meanwhile in South Darfur, deadly clashes again erupted between the Targem and Rezegat tribes in Yara, 40 kilometers northwest of Kass. Three Targems were reportedly killed in their homes. (UN News Service, March 8 via ReliefWeb)

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