Colombian youth protest military draft

<em>Anti-draft protest, MedellĂ­n</em>” title=”<em>Anti-draft protest, MedellĂ­n</em>” class=”image thumbnail” height=”75″ width=”100″></a><span class=Anti-draft protest, MedellĂ­n

Under the slogan “Servicio Militar: Y Mi Vida, Que?” (Military Service: What About My Life?), the Colombian anti-war group Red Juvenil (Youth Network) held a rally attended by thousands of of young people at MedellĂ­n’s Atanasio Girardot stadium Feb. 12. The rally was held partly to celebrate the Jan. 26 release of Carlos AndrĂ©s Giraldo HincapiĂ©, a conscientious objector from YondĂł, Antioquia department, from forced military service. Giraldo HincapiĂ© was press-ganged into the army at the village of La Soledad in August 2006 and taken to Casabe Military Base, in what Red Juvenil calls a violation of his freedom of conscience. (Red Juvenil, Feb. 13; War Resisters International, July 18, 2007)

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