Colombia: army colonel admits participation in Peace Community massacre

Retired Colombian army colonel Guillermo Armando Gordillo confessed to the FiscalĂ­a (attorney general) his participation in the slaying of eight people, including three children, at the Peace Community of San JosĂ© de ApartadĂł on Feb. 21, 2005. The FiscalĂ­a said Col. Gordillo was in command of the BolĂ­var Company, VĂ©lez Battalion, 17th Brigade, which was carrying out a counterinsurgency operation code-named “FĂ©nix” in the area. The massacre was carried out by a “joint command” of Col. Gordillo’s troops and paramilitaries, the FiscalĂ­a found. (Radio Caracol, Aug. 2; El Tiempo, BogotĂĄ, Aug. 1)

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