Chechnya: Russia ends 10-year “counter-terrorism operation”

Citing stabilization brought about by pro-Moscow Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian authorities announced they are ending the decade-long “counter-terrorism operation” in Chechnya. Russia boasts that violence and terrorism in the southern Muslim republic have been put down—but sporadic violence persists, and human rights groups have accused Kadyrov of using militias to commit widespread abuses against the Chechen people.

In an April 16 statement, Russia’s National Anti-terrorist Committee said it had “cancelled the decree imposing an anti-terror operation on the territory of Chechnya, effective from midnight,” meaning the start of that day. Boasted Kadyrov: “The leadership of Russia has officially confirmed the fact that the nest of terrorism has been crushed, that illegal armed groups have been neutralised, and militant leaders on whose conscience lay the grief and suffering of thousands of people have been destroyed, detained and brought to court.” (BBC, April 16)

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