Bolivia: remains of “disappeared” guerilla exhumed

Bolivia’s Justice Ministry announced April 16 that the Interinstitutional Council for the Elucidation of Forced Disappearnces (CIEDEF) has exhumed the remains of a presumed “disappeared” follower of Che Guevara‘s guerilla movement in the General Cemetary of La Paz. Forensic tests are underway to determine if the remains are those of Hugo Bohorquez Fernandez, who carried on the insurgency after Che’s death in the Teoponte area of Bolivia’s Yungas region, and whose whereabouts have been unknown since the early ’70s. CIEDEF is continuing to comb unmarked graves in government cemetaries for the remains of “disappeared” dissidents from the dirty war period of the late ’60s and ’70s. (Cambio, La Paz, April 17)

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