Bolivia: conspiracy against constitutional reform?

From Prensa Latina, Aug. 14:

LA PAZ — Bolivian government denounced indications of a conspiracy by economic power groups against the Constituent Assembly to open works in the southern city of Sucre on Tuesday.

National Defense Minister Walker San Miguel asserted security services detected a great movement of economic resources for a campaign to undermine the Assembly.

President Evo Morales stated the oligarchy and multinationals raised eleven million dollars for ruses against the forum and divide the majority of governing Movement to Socialism (MAS).

MAS Chairman in the Deputies of Chamber´s Cesar Navarro said the thirst of plots of traditional parties such as Poder Democratico y Social (PODEMOS), of followers of ex ruler Hugo Banzer, and of the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario, of ex neoliberal president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada is connected with the conspiracy.

Army Chief, General Freddy Bersatty made it clear armed forces will protect the Assembly from any aggression.

The Constituent Assembly is scheduled to open tomorrow with an analysis to define powers and rules, and the presidential proposal for a relative majority and not that of two-thirds for a new Constitution.

MAS possesses an absolute majority (155 seats with the accession of representatives of other factions, but needs 170 to reach the two-thirds.

Evo Morales maintains traditional minority parties are using the law-established majority to bring the Assembly to standstill, thwart it and seek privileges.

PODEMOS rejects the presidential remark and the MAS bid for an autonomous assembly with full powers.

Affiliates of social movements continue in Sucre to support Morales´ call for “people´s control” of the Assembly.

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