Afghanistan: suicide bombings escalate

At least 35 have been killed in a suicide attack on a police bus in Kabul June 17—the deadliest attack since the Taliban regime fell. Most of the dead were instructors going to work at the city’s police academy, but an undetermined number of by-standers were also among the dead. In a separate attack, a roadside bomb tore through a military vehicle in Kandahar province, killing three soldiers with the US-led coalition and an Afghan interpreter. The nationalities of the soliders were not disclosed, but the attack brings to 84 the number of international troops killed in Afghanistan this year. (AP, AFP, June 18) On June 16, a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of DynCorp contract workers in Kabul, killing at least four civilians. A US soldier opened fire on the crowd that gathered afterward, killing one more civilian and sparking an angry protest. (AP, June 16) On June 15, a suicide attack on a NATO convoy in Uruzgan province killed 10, including five children, four other civilians and a Dutch soldier. Later, a second suicide attack targeted another NATO convoy in Kandahar, wounding five civilians. (VOA, ANC, June 15)

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