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CounterVortex, an ultra-dissident voice of left in a time of deep reaction, depends 100% on our readers for support. We receive no foundation sponsorship to meet our operating costs of some $2,000 per year. You can't tell us we're beholden to George Soros, because we don't get a dime from him. We appeal, as we do once a year, to our readers to at least help us meet our annual costs. This year, we are especially appealing to new readers. There is a handful of around 10 hardcore supporters who have been extremely generous since our founding in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. But they have more than done their part. Google stats indicate that our readership is growing, at least modestly. May we ask those of you who have never donated before to step up to the plate today?

This year we are making a special offer for readers to become sustainers of  CounterVortex. For a donation of $100, we will either a.) provide our usual in-depth treatment of an issue or question or of your choosing (you may be as provocative as you wish); or b.) make your activist or advocacy organization a recognized sustainer. This means we will write up a blurb about you and your work (you can provide basic text and we will edit it), and your support of our work. The blurb will remain on our weblog permanently, with appropriate meta-tags to draw Internet eyes, under the headline "[Your Organization] Supports CounterVortex." Of course this offer is limited to groups whose work is minimally in line with our own politics—but if you are reading this, that shouldn't be a problem.

However, no amount is too small. Even $5 is appreciated. If all our readers gave that, it would quickly add up to a big dent in our deficit.

Or, please consider becoming a monthly subscriber on PayPal. You can sign up for a monthly payment of $5, $10 or $25.


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CounterVortex is the only website on the contemporary American left that:

1.) offers daily rigorous coverage on the under-reported wars around the world;

2.) offers ongoing in-depth coverage of land and autonomy struggles worldwide;

3.) offers a dissident "neither/nor" perspective on the Global War on Terrorism, supporting the secular-left forces in the Middle East in repudiation of the imperialists, dictators and jihadis alike.

Even if you don't agree with us all the time, we hope you recognize the value of our work and ultra-dissident voice, and will do your small part to help keep it alive.

Remember: We are 100% reader-supported!

Thank you!

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Reader testimonials

What readers are saying are saying about CounterVortex (formerly World War 4 Report):

Orwell levels of clarity. Keep up the good work.

—Charles Copeland, reader on Facebook

Have not yet read an article on the ww4 site that didn't prompt me to think carefully about my position on the subject—well recommended!

—Seng-gye Tombs-Curtis, reader on Facebook

WW4report is even more relevant today than it was 10 years ago!

—J. Schmidt, New Orleans, former LAARNG (Louisiana National Guard) 2002-2004 (via e-mail)

This site is NECESSARY to world survival. Period!

—DE Teodoru, CounterVortex comment

Bill [Weinberg is] a cathartic tornado of pure rationalism... in the end the result is the same... the intellectual air is clear and fresh... but there are some intellectual structures that have been destroyed along its path in an unpredictable pattern.

—anonymous poster on Listener Forums, WBAI's unofficial message board

Weinberg has made it his responsibility to take on the often ignored perspectives that seem to seep through the cracks of mainstream media news reporting... [V]ery few writers can hold a candle to Bill Weinberg when it comes to critical journalism... On a scale of 1 to 5, I'm giving CounterVortex five stars.

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Let's get the ball rolling on our summer find drive

We have readers all over the world. Will your city, town or village be heard from first? If you appreciate our work—if you see facts and perspectives on our website that you don't see elsewhere, and that you value—please show us some love. Even $10 worth of love would make a difference to us. You know what to do...


The first $5 of our summer fund drive!

Big thanks to a reader in Queens, NY, who got the ball rolling on our summer fund drive! Five bucks is about the price of a double latte at Starbucks, right? Your money is better spent here at CounterVortex. Please show us some appreciation and help us to meet our operating costs. That's all we ask.


Summer fund drive reaches $35

Thanks to a $30 donation from a reader in Tokyo, our Summer fund drive tally now stands at $35. We'll just take it in increments rather than setting a big ambitious goal. Can we reach $100 by the end of June? Queens and Tokyo heard from! Who's next?


Summer fund drive reaches $40

Thanks to a $5 donation from a reader in Rutland, Vt., our Summer fund drive tally now stands at $40! Who's next?