Spain strikes down Catalan independence plan

The Constitutional Court of Spain on Dec. 2 declared unconstitutional (PDF) a resolution by the Parliament of Catalonia that proposed a plan for the region's independence from Spain by 2017. The resolution was approved by Catalonian lawmakers in November, and stated that parliament would take the "necessary steps" to effect the separation from Spain in a peaceful and democratic manner and in a way that would empower citizens. The court held that the resolution violated Articles 1.1, 1.2 , 2, 9.1 and 168 of the Constitution and Articles 1 and 2.4 of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia. The resolution states that the separation of Catalonia from Spain is not subject to the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

From Jurist, Dec. 3. Used with permission.

Catalonia legalizes cannabis —in new challenge to Madrid

Spain's restive northeastern region of Catalonia has in recent years come to rival the Netherlands as a European cannabis hub. Now the regional government has passed a measure formally legalizing the herb—in defiance of Spain's conservative central government. See full story at Global Ganja Report...

Spain: court suspends Catalonia independence vote —again

Hundreds of thousands filled the streets of Barcelona to celebrate Catalonia's Diada Nacional and demand independence for the region. This comes as Catalonia is once again in a political stand-off with Madrid. The Catalan Parliament on Sept. 6 passed a law calling for a referendum on secession, but the Spanish Constitutional Court one day later ordered the vote suspended. Catalan leaders say the vote will be held as planned on Oct. 1. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy described the law as an "intolerable act of disobedience."  (BBC, Jurist)