Mexican journalist, wife, son slain in Veracruz home

Prominent Mexican journalist and commentator Miguel Angel López Velasco was shot dead along with his wife and son in Veracruz early on the morning of June 20. Gunmen broke into the family's home in the port city's Playa Linda section, killing López, 55, his wife Agustina Solano, and their son, Misael López Solana, 21. López worked as an editor at Notiver, the city's biggest newspaper, covering corruption, crime and drug trafficking. He wrote a widely read column called "Va de Nuez" under the pseudonym Milo Vela.

Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte visited the offices of Notiver to condemn the slaying as a "cowardly act" and an "attack against society as a whole." The newspaper, in its report on the triple murder, demanded a "fast and clear investigation."

According to a count kept by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, 13 Mexican journalists, including López, have been killed since the beginning of 2010, at least three in direct reprisal for their work. (EFE, CPJ, Notiver, June 20)

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