CounterVortex reader survey

This year marks the 15th since World War 4 Report (now CounterVortex) was launched in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 to monitor global conflicts; support anti-militarist movements and autonomy struggles; and give voice to dissident-left perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America and around the world. We continue to have a dedicated following, but an admittedly select one. We continue to wonder how many readers "get" what we do, and how valuable it is to you. We would appreciate any response, either by e-mail or commentary on the website, to this brief reader survey...

This year we're going to keep it very succinct.

1. Do you typically learn something new from CounterVortex each week—or get a perspective that challenges your conceptions of an issue and prompts you to grapple with it anew or rethink things?

If the answer is (honestly) NO, you have completed the survey. Let us know. If YES, proceed to the next question...

2. Do you find those new facts and perspectives worthwhile? Is CounterVortex providing a voice you consider to be vital or (at least) useful?

If the answer is NO, you have completed the survey. Let us know. If YES, proceed to the next question...

Have you made a donation to CounterVortex in the past 12 months?

If the answer is YES, you have completed the survey, and we heartily thank you for your support! If NO, proceed to the next question...

3. Are you currently indigent—meaning one or two paychecks away from eviction?

If the answer is YES, you have completed the survey, but we urge you to support our work in other ways, e.g. by sharing our links on social media and forwarding our weekly mailings to your contacts. If NO, read on...

PLEASE SUPPORT WHAT YOU VALUE! CounterVortex receives precisely NOTHING in foundation funding to meet our annual operating costs of nearly $2,000 (including hosting, registration and upkeep of our Family of Websites). Make a donation now to our Summer fund drive, based on what you can afford. The handy chart below will help you determine what to give.

Minors, indigent and prisoners: FREE
Students, fixed-income and unemployed: $5
Working class Jane/Joe: $10
Professionals with health insurance: $25
Trust-fund rads: $50
Upwardly-mobile liberals: $75
Already-have-it-all liberals: $100
Just plain rich liberals: $200
Confused Republicans who like us because we're "anti-government": $500
Michael Moore: $5,000
Woody Harrelson: $50,000
Paul McCartney: $100,000
George Soros: That's OK, we don't want your money.

Here you go:


Or send checks to:

39 Bowery PMB#940
New York, NY 10002

Checks should be payable to CounterVortex.

Thank you!

Summer fund drive stalls at $160— up to YOU to move it ahead!

OK, thanks to readers in Queens, NY; Tokyo, Japan; Rutland, Vt.; Hyampom, Calif.; and Albuquerque, NM, our Summer Fund Drive tally now stands at $160! 

Who's next?