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Dear WW3 REPORT Readers:

Over the last year we've brought you cutting-edge on-the-scene stories from the Terror War fronts available nowhere else. In addition to the comprehensive global surveys you've come to expect from WW3 REPORT, you've received eleven gripping first-hand reports from Editor Bill Weinberg in South America. These stories included:

*A growing non-violence movement in Colombia faces repression for refusing to collaborate with any side in that country's civil war.

*Peasants in Colombia's Cimitarra Valley are sprayed with toxic chemicals from US-contracted helicopters because they are forced to grow coca by US-funded paramilitaries.

*Colombian oil workers are targeted for assassination by the paramilitaries for opposing President Alvaro Uribe's privatization of the country's fossil fuel resources.

*Peru's National Police are using tear gas and helicopters to break up campesino protests against a US-backed gas pipeline in the rainforest.

*Exclusive interviews with the two Bolivian indigenous leaders who led the movement that brought down the country's government in October.

You've also received:

*David Bloom's on-the-scene reports on how Israel's "Apartheid Wall" is dividing and confiscating ancestral Palestinian lands.

*Nirit Ben-Ari's investigation of racist US immigration policies against Haitian refugees in the name of the War on Terror.

*Wynde Priddy's reportage on the corporate resource-exploitation agendas that lie behind the African continent's raging civil wars.

*Subuhi Jiwani's investigative series on corporate connections to Hindu extremists in India.

But that reportage had a price. Both co-editors Bill Weinberg and David Bloom got caught when bullets were flying this year and narrowly escaped with their lives. We had to shift from a weekly format to a monthly one with periodic special reports. We had to go deeply into debt to get us to the places we were reporting from. And, with the Ashcroft Justice Department threatening to subpoena WW3 REPORT, we may be looking a long, costly and energy-draining legal battle.

We think it is all worth it. But if we're going to keep bringing you the kind of coverage you get in WW3 REPORT--and nowhere else--you have to do your part. Your part is contributing.

WW3 REPORT accepts no advertising, and receives no corporate or foundation sponsorship. We aren't grant-sucking liberals--we are proudly independent fighting journalists. We depend on YOU, our readers, to support us.

We have some 500 new subscribers this year, and most of you have never given before. If you gave last year, please give again this year. Just follow the suggested guideline below. You know who you are.

Minors, indigent and prisoners: FREE
Students, fixed-income and unemployed: $5
Working class Jane/Joe: $10
Professionals with health insurance: $25
Trust-fund rads: $50
Rich liberals: $100
Confused Republicans who like us because we're "anti-government": $500
Mike Ruppert: $1,000
Woody Harrelson: $5,000
George Soros: $50,000

Send generous checks to:

Bill Weinberg
44 Fifth Ave. #172
Brooklyn NY 11217

Make checks out to Bill Weinberg, with "WW3 Report" in the "memo" line.

Or donate by credit card:


Thank you for your support.

Reprinting permissible with attribution.