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by Andrew Epstein

Street scene in Barracabermeja
Oil refinery lights skyline in Barrancabermaja
Oil refinery at night
Campesino displays yucca crops destroyed by glyphosate
Coca paste lab
Campesino open-air kitchen Cimitarra Valley
Destroyed coca crops
Jungle in Cimitarra Valley
Campesino village, Cimatarra valley
Weinberg interviews CUT union leader Juan Carlos Galvis, with bodyguard
Oil refinery at dusk
Military gunboat at oil refinery
Oil refinery from Rio Magdalena
Glyphosate damage in Cimitarra Valley
Galvis at CUT office
Refinery from river
Campesino villages on Rio Magdalena
Glyphosate damage -- destroyed land
Paramilitary tax form
Campesino meeting
Glyphosate victim treated at clinic
"La Doctora" at clinic
Weinberg with human rights delegation, on trail to village
Rights delegation on trail from village
Campesino family on Rio Cimitarra
Children play along Rio Cimitarra
Campesino at river landing
Armed men survey river traffic, Cimitarra Valley
Paramilitary graffiti in Saravena, Arauca
Paramilitary graffiti at human rights office in Saravena
Welcome sign at reservation
School at U'wa reservation
U'wa Indian children
U'wa Indian reservation at Playas del Bojaba
Guerilla graffiti in Saravena
Paramilitary graffiti left at site of assassination
Army sarcasm at Saravena airport -- "Here the narco-terrorists of the FARC and ELN struggle for the people."
Jose Perico, U'wa Indian leader, with children
Paramilitary graffiti in Saravena: "Death to toads, militias and collaborators"
Paramilitary graffiti

Reprinting permissible with attribution.