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Muslims sue Homeland Security

Five Muslim-Americans have filed suit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security claiming racial profiling after they were detained and fingerprinted by border agents upon crossing back into the U.S. from a religious conference in Canada. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York, names Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff among four defendants, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union, representing the plaintiffs.

Court papers said that on their way back from the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto in December 2004, the plaintiffs were detained for up to six hours with other Muslim-Americans and searched, photographed and fingerprinted.

Italy: jihadi cell broken?

Seven suspected Islamist militants have been ordered to stand trial in Italy, charged with belonging to a cell that planned to recruit suicide bombers for attacks in Iraq, judicial officials said. The police closed in on the seven in May 2004 after wiretaps suggested that one was preparing to leave for Iraq. Investigators said the trial would start in October. In France on Thursday, judicial officials said they were holding two people suspected as militant Islamists as part of an investigation into young French Muslims heading to Iraq to fight U.S.-led forces. (Reuters, April 30)

UN investigator on U.S. abuses in Afghanistan: out

M. Cherif Bassiouni, a professor of law at DePaul University in Chicago who was the UN Human Rights Commission’s independent expert for Afghanistan, released a 21-page report last week, accusing U.S. military forces and civilian contractors of "engaging in arbitrary arrests and detnetions and committing abusive practices, including torture." He had been expecting a routine two-year renewal of his mission; instead he was told April 29 his job is over. He suspects U.S. lobbying as the cause. (NYT, April 30, via Guerilla News Network)

UK petition on "peak oil"

The "peak oil" theory, which remains the domain of the wacko fringe in the U.S., appears to be taken rather more seriously in the U.K., where several members of parliament have signed on to a petition circulated by an alternative-energy advocacy group calling on the govenrment to release research findings on the phenomenon and take steps to prepare for an impending crisis. Here is the press release announcing the petition drive:

More terror in Cairo

It is looking more and more like Egypt is heading towards a reprise of the "dirty war" between Islamist insurgents and security forces that shook the country in the '90s. From Haaretz:

Last update - 22:34 30/04/2005
Two Israelis hurt as wave of terror strikes Cairo
By Yoav Stern and Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies

CAIRO - A bomber and two veiled women attacked tourists in separate incidents in Cairo on Saturday, targeting people near a popular museum and a bus in the south of the city and wounding seven, including two Israelis, official sources said. An Egyptian man, probably the bomber, and the two women were killed, they said.

NYC Critical Mass crackdown escalates

From the New York Times, April 30 (condensed):

At Least 18 Arrests Made in Tense Night of a Monthly Cycling Protest
Under tense circumstances, the monthly Critical Mass bicycle ride set out last night from multiple locations in Manhattan, in an attempt by the riders to thwart a police crackdown. The police did not supply arrest numbers last night, but a lawyer who works with the riders, Julia Cohen, said at least 18 were detained.

"Jewish lobby" denies Armenian genocide

Here's a textbook case in how the reigning anti-Semitic propaganda system works, with the paradoxical complicity of certain powerful (and deluded) Jews. This propaganda system is all the more effective for being nearly universally unrecognized.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in The Forward!!

As we here at WW4 REPORT know, Israel is a client state of the American empire. In the following article in the well-known anti-Semitic conspirazoid publication The Forward, Ori Nir claims that the recent sacking of two AIPAC officials resulting from the Franklin affair threatens "Israeli efforts to secure swift American action against Iran's nuclear program." That kind of "wag-the-dog" theory is anti-Semitic. As WW4 REPORT editor Weinberg noted on this blog, it is obviously the US that is pushing Israel, its client state, to do its bidding:"Is Israel going to take the bait? Will the Israeli leadership ever realize that playing attack dog for US imperialism is utterly counter-productive to the longterm survival and security of their own state?"

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